Educlaim traces its origins back to more than seven decades from the philanthropic impulses of Late Shri. R. J. Bhojak, founder of the Gujarati Brahmin Education Society (GBES).Giving freely of his time and the wealth amassed from his earnings as a Trustee & Director of Matunga Premier School launched in 1922, the GBES founder contributed generously to a wide assortment of educational causes during his lifetime. He also ensured that his fortune will be dedicated towards philanthropy after his death. The GBES offerings have touched many insitutions and its legacy continues today through the work of Educlaim.

Education provides the highest return on any social investment. Education through Educlaim is the best way to empower the youth.  Through our holistic and sustainable development model  “Student Centered Loan/ Scholarships and with the community’s  high interest in and support for the education of their children, Educlaim will provide the capital for students to learn and to be inspired.

Together, our projects and programs will create a holistic education model that will empower the youth to lead productive, successful, and happy lives. With education, children, families, communities and even nations can break the cycle of poverty for themselves and for future generations.

Majority of the Indian students struggle to get educational loans, as they are not earning and self-financing is not possible due to the high cost of the respective degree. Above it, the qualification criteria’s and the protocols laid by banks and individuals make the borrowing process difficult and most of the cases impossible.

Educlaim offers private education loans and scholarships to students to pursue higher education across the globe. These loans are funded by established licensed, private and institutional investors as well as reputed companies, in the form of CSR activity.

Educlaim guarantees the disbursal of fees directly to the university. We sync are eligibility criteria with the respective country based university. The student has our guarantee of fulfilling the dream to pursue the desired degree in university/country of their choice. The loan payment process too becomes easy as we provide an option to work on fixed contract basis in our partner company.